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Idea in short

In the office, while her colleagues shine with their professional abilities and thus collect points with their superiors, the office mom is busy making coffee for all. This type of colleague is extremely social and worries about the well-being of others. Therefore this is an important personality type and link in the workplace. Their helpful nature, however, pushes their professional competence behind the scenes. Hardly any other colleague type is as often underestimated as the office mommy.


The office mommy can be generally described as exceptionally helpful. She always wants everyone to be happy, brings cake and other treats to work and always has an open ear for her colleagues and their problems. However, unlike the gossiper, the mommy does not engage in spreading secrets, so is very trustworthy. Basically, this is a pleasant and by no means threatening colleague type.


When their willingness to help exceeds the limit , this colleague type can be annoying. Their colleagues might feel crushed under their care. It is also problematic if the behavior of the office mommy impairs the productivity of others.

The office mommy often underestimates her abilities. By taking on the role of the care-giver, she deliberately distances herself from professional tasks. To think that this office colleague is not up to the challenges of the job, however, is wrong. She simply does not trust herself much with conflicts associated with, for example, the management of a team.

The lack of self-confidence of the office mommy also has an influence on their effect on others. Unfortunately, the good natured office mommy is often not paid fairly and does not question her compensation.

At a glance

  • Helpful
  • Good-natured
  • Empathetic
  • Cares for the well-being of her colleagues
  • Selfless
  • Social
  • Naive
  • Is often underestimated
  • Can also annoying and burdensome at time

If you have an office mommy among your colleagues, do not panic! It is important to take an active part, especially when you realize that there is a lack of self-esteem and acceptance in your colleagues’ circle.

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