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Tips, tools, techniques and best practices for Management Consultants

  • Rule Of Thirds

Rule Of Thirds

By |18. August 2022|

A framework to create compelling, visually balanced and engaging images and slides

  • Rule of Three

Rule Of Three

By |16. August 2022|

A persuasive communication technique that enhances delivering key messages

  • EPIC


By |6. August 2022|

An approach to communication with empathy, purpose, insight, and conversation to drive change

  • SPIN


By |30. July 2022|

A sales methodology that focuses on asking effective questions to uncover customer needs



By |28. July 2022|

A powerful sales methodology to understand customers needs and close deals

  • Urgency Instinct

Urgency Instinct

By |23. July 2022|

A mental model that triggers the feeling of impending danger and encourages immediate action

  • Size Instinct

Size Instinct

By |21. July 2022|

The size instinct is a cognitive bias that assumes the size of something is directly proportional to its importance, significance, or impact

  • Destiny Instinct

Destiny Instinct

By |19. July 2022|

The destiny instinct is the tendency to believe that some things are meant to happen and cannot be changed

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