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Tips, tools, techniques and best practices for Management Consultants

  • Blame Instinct

Blame Instinct

By |14. July 2022|

A human tendency to attribute blame for negative outcomes without an understanding of the complex underlying factors

  • Single Instinct

Single Instinct

By |12. July 2022|

Single Instinct is a mental model that assumes all human behavior is driven by the primary survival goal

  • Denominator Neglect

Denominator Neglect

By |7. June 2022|

Denominator Neglect describes the phenomenon where people mislead themselves by paying more attention to numerators than the denominators

  • Small Talk

Small Talk

By |24. May 2022|

In business, everything starts with a conversation and making human connections.

  • Intention-Action Gap

Intention-Action Gap

By |3. May 2022|

Intention-Action Gap is the phenomenon where one’s values, attitudes, or intentions don’t match one's actions

  • SNAP


By |5. February 2022|

A sales methodology simplifies the sales process by focusing on the customer's needs and pain points

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