Idea in short

For careerists, job is the only thing that they want in their lives. defines a careerist as:

a professional who is intent on furthering his or her career by any possible means

Careerism is a tendency to build career goals on non-performance-based actions like forming social relations with some important people who would be helpful in tasks or career advancements, giving the impression of team player or something that would benefiting the person alone. Careerism is the idea of concentrating your efforts on your workplace, work activities or work setting in order to rise as high as possible in terms of professional achievement and rank.

This type of devotion usually requires a full-time commitment to your job. You usually have to be available around the clock, either literally with your smartphone or device, or mentally, in the case of a person who thinks about work constantly. This kind of career focus can be dangerous, when a person allows their career to take over their life with the ambition of reaching career growth.

The average office personnel pool comprises of different personalities. In their zeal, this office personality is surpassed only by another careerist. Careerists always want to be a bit better than their colleagues. Such a status does not come on its own.


Higher, farther, faster – there is hardly a limit at the workplace for the careerist. When they are given a task, they do it on his own. There is no lack of motivation for this personality type. Careerists plan their work so well that they even skip taking breaks. This goes as further as a chat with another colleague or a short creative meeting. For careerists, these are time-consuming distractions.

Contrary to the self-proponent, careerists do not lose themselves in words. Instead, they makes their cases simple. It is in their interest to positively present themseves positively and thus rise in the favor of the boss.

The problem with careerists is that they often go beyond their goals with their diligence. While others consider a task finished, a careerist still puts something on top of it. Similar to the perfectionist, this office personality also tends to invest more time than necessary in trivia. Other office personality types find careerists’ over-zealous attitude tiring. Consequently, very few people are willing to team with them.

Why careerists are full of drive can not be explained in general terms. While the others are willing to deliver the most punctual work possible and thus better receive job opportunities, the careerist is looking to balance his personal deficits through intensive work. Some colleagues come to the office early in the morning because they can work better and work more concentrated.


  • Are extremely diligent
  • Like to do favors for the boss
  • Want to be better than their colleagues
  • Stand out positively
  • Tend to invest too much time in a task
  • Are highly motivated
  • Tend to work alone
  • See their work an important part of life

How to deal with them?

The good news is that careerists always stand out due to their unconstrained work ethic. But, careerists do not intend to hurt their colleagues. This personality type is not only hardworking, but also delivers high-quality work. Thist is an asset for every business. When working with careerists, pay particular attention to:

  • Their exemplary work ethics can serve as a model
  • Do not ridicule or challenge their work ethics
  • Allow yourself to get infected by their motivation

For example, engage in conversations with careerists and understand what exactly drives their motivation. Such conversations can be truly inspiring.

If you are managing careerists, advise them to regularly take breaks and balance their work day. Give him some extra attention to prevent burn-out. Careerists often compensate their less fulfilling personal life with work.

A nice conversation or a simple smile can have a great effect. Reminding them that there is also a life away from the desk also acts as a safety valve.

Aspiration is not a shame, but rather a quality that every one of us should carry within ourselves. However, if taken to the extreme, as is the case with the careerist, there is an acute risk of repulsion.

So, keep the careerist type on your radar. In general, this office personality type does not pose a threat to the working environment.

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