Idea in short

He throws words like it’s nobody’s business, paints vivid imaginary with words and emphasizes his visions by loudly colouring senseless strategies. These actions prove that they have understood neither the product nor the company. However, the gaps in their learning are temporarily patched by selective naming. The more powerful the references, the less important it seems to the Buzzword bazooka – the gigantic air pump, who inflates everything.

Secret weapons

As a kind of content grenadier, whose marketing ammunition mainly consists of dummies and management power, the Buzzword bazooka does not aim sharp, but in the carpet bombing principle. Somehow he manages to hit one or several of the right chords. But, it does not matter. After all, he alone carries the insignia of the verbal power into the heart and brain of the target groups. Unlike the pessimist, the Buzzword-Bazooka tirelessly postulates this axiom at a high phonetic level and is able to successfully sell weak statements and verbal vehemence as Aha! effects. He panics that you could banish him from the driver’s seat and relegate him to a mere passenger status. He is long in the cross-hairs of every rebel in the office!

At a glance

  • Master at Buzzword Bingo
  • Key words indicate their tact, and they pass it on to everyone
  • Thinks in spheres, not in layers or other small sizes

How to deal with them?

The Buzzword-Bazooka never intends to personally harm you. But, you may be the unfortunate victom! The fact is that he thinks more than in narrow office space terms. When the territory becomes too constrained, the Buzzword-Bazooka creates space and facts. Know their Achilles heel.

Do not let yourself be identified as an opponent of the Buzzword-Bazooka. Stay in constant watch out and decide where and when to fight. Do not flaunt your contempt, but create conditions for tactical skirmishes.

Kill the Buzzword-Bazooka with a never-ending storm of cc-mails and then point out that you do not want him to miss out on anything important.

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