Jooble is an international job search website used daily by millions of people in 67 countries.
Jooble is a job search engine and aggregator that helps job seekers find employment opportunities by compiling job listings from various sources, including job boards, company websites, and recruitment agencies. Jooble operates as a platform that allows users to search for jobs in multiple countries and languages.
Jooble collects vacancies from more than 140,000 resources worldwide each day. Sources include corporate websites, social networks, classifieds, and other resources. Thus, all job offers are available in one place.
Jooble does not directly host job listings but rather indexes and aggregates job postings from across the web. This can save job seekers time and effort when searching for employment opportunities, as they can access a wide range of job postings from different sources through a single website.
The company has been operating in the online recruitment market since 2006. In its years of existence, the company has gone from a startup founded by two students (Roman Prokofiev, Eugene Sobakarov) to a global employment platform, a search engine where all vacancies are collected in one place. Today, Jooble is among the Top-10 websites in the world in terms of traffic in the Jobs And Employment segment, according to SimilarWeb.
The company is constantly working to ensure that the employment process is as comfortable and fast as possible, for both the applicant and the employer.


Here are a few key reasons why Jooble has become the go-to platform for job seekers:

Comprehensive Job Listings

Jooble aggregates job postings from all over the internet, including job boards, company websites, and other job-related platforms. This vast collection of listings ensures that job seekers have access to a wide array of job opportunities, increasing their chances of finding the perfect fit.

Advanced Search Filters

Jooble’s search engine offers an array of filters that allow users to refine their job search according to specific criteria. Users can filter jobs by location, salary, job type, and industry, among other factors, to narrow down their search to the most relevant opportunities.
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User-Friendly Interface

The website’s intuitive design ensures that even first-time users can quickly and easily navigate the platform. Job seekers can start their search without the need for a tutorial, and within minutes, they’ll have access to a wealth of job listings.
One of Jooble’s standout features is its location-based search. It provides job seekers with the option to search for jobs in specific cities or regions, making it an excellent resource for those who are looking for opportunities in their local area or considering relocation.

Email Alerts

Jooble offers an email alert system that allows users to receive job notifications that match their search criteria. This feature ensures that job seekers stay informed about new opportunities without having to constantly check the website.

International Reach

Jooble operates in over 70 countries, making it a valuable resource for those seeking international job opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a job in your home country or considering a position abroad, Jooble has you covered.

Career Guidance

In addition to job listings, Jooble provides informative blog articles and career advice to help job seekers improve their job search strategies, prepare for interviews, and navigate the ever-changing job market.
In a world where time is precious and the job market is competitive, Jooble stands out as a powerful tool for job seekers. Its ability to simplify the job search process, provide access to a vast range of job listings, and offer valuable resources sets it apart from the competition.
Whether you’re just starting your career, looking for a change, or exploring international opportunities, Jooble is your one-stop job search engine that can help you find the job that’s right for you. So, why spend hours combing through countless job boards when Jooble can connect you to your dream job with just a few clicks?
Start your job search journey with Jooble today!