A collection of jargons and terminologies commonly used by consultants.

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Take the lead on
A clever phrase often used by more experienced consultants when they wish to delegate a menial task.

In other settings, a British term referring to carry-out food. Here, this word has been transmogrified to indicate the salient point that should be retained upon the conclusion of the discussion. Often prefaced with 'key'.

The company being analyzed for purchase/merger in a merger and acquisition case.

Thinking out of the box
The ability to be creative or innovative in solving a difficult problem. Thinking out of the box typically is a blanket solution to a difficult problem that no one has solved yet.

Throw a curved ball
Discovering a new element to something you’re trying to do, e.g. run a project, which changes everything you have done thus far, or are currently doing – normally necessitates radical re-think of approach.

To be transparent
In indication that what follows will be particularly revelatory.

Developing an estimate by starting with the highest-level assumptions and using estimates to drill down to a smaller-level estimate. For example, estimating market size by starting with the number of potential customers and estimating how many purchase the product, how frequently, and at what price points. Contrast with Bottoms-up.

Touch base
To catch up with someone, typically a person with whom you've not had much contact lately. For example I've been dealing with another client all week and I know I owe you some numbers. We'll touch base after my afternoon conference call.