A collection of jargons and terminologies commonly used by consultants.

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Sandwich method
A structure for providing feedback that resembles a sandwich – one positive comment, then a developmental critique, ending with a positive comment.

The agreed-upon list of deliverables and boundaries that underpin any client engagement.

Sea Change
A major shift. For example There has been a sea change in the past decade in terms of how retail banks interact with their clients, and how they prioritize customers based on profitability.

Industry sectors (ie fixed telecoms, mobile, media, sports, regulation etc).

Singing from the same hymn sheet
Making sure everyone is stating the same messages to the client or other stakeholders, or that everyone is doing something by the same method.

Smart casual
No jeans, so, trousers with shirt but no tie.

Smell Test
Determining whether a result makes sense based on intuition and experience. For example This analysis doesn't pass the smell test. If it is accurate, then it means that this division accounts for over 200% of our client's market capitalization! Derived from the idea of smelling food or drink before consuming it, to make sure it isn't rotten.

Sniff test
As in evaluating food for rancidity. This term is used when gauging the viability or reasonableness of a particular analysis.

A market; arena.

Stand up call
A ‘quick’ round table team call to update status from each team member/lead, usually no longer than 15-20 mins.

Strategy Consulting
CEO-level strategic advice to clients (normally shorter projects).

Straw man
A construct presented purely for the sake of argument, with the implication that it is not designed to withstand repeated attacks. Strawman a first draft of an output, the main value of which is giving people ideas for what the final output should look like (i.e. it’s meant to be savagely criticised).

A consulting project. (Also called a Case or an Engagement.)

Abridged noun form of summer intern

Some wild-ass guess.

SWOT analysis
Analyzing the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats for a company or set of companies in an industry.