A collection of jargons and terminologies commonly used by consultants.

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Consulting-ese for pattern or model or framework.

Parallel hire
A consultant hired from another company, typically with a more senior position position and higher starting salary than 1st year consultants.

Synonym for contact. Originated as an onomatopoeia for the sound that is emitted when someone receives an instant message, but nowadays can refer to any form of contact including email or even tapping someone on the shoulder.

Pulled it out of thin air, also see wag or swag.

Pipe or Pipeline
Short for pipeline and refers to upcoming projects the Consulting firm may have available (e.g. Supervisor, what is in the pipe?)

Typically used to reference the current and upcoming list of client engagements.

Playing catch-up
Joining an existing project and getting up to speed.

Plan of Action

in noun form, a department (either internal or outsourced) of the consulting firm that assists in producing the materials needed for presentations, meetings, etc

Progress Review
A periodic meeting to review progress made and results from time to time. Can also refer to a professional performance review for a Consulting.

Provide color
Include interesting details to an otherwise boring subject.

Push Back
To indicate to a superior Consultant that something is difficult or challenging and may not be realistic. Being able to push back effectively when a manager may be overpromising or unrealistic is an important, delicate skill. Pushing back can also be done if the Consultant is being overworked and feels stretched too thin.