A collection of jargons and terminologies commonly used by consultants.

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Let me play this back
Said when the listener wants to refract and colour the conversation through his or her own perspective under the pretence of reviewing the transcript of what’s been said.

Let’s close the loop
Let me make sure i’m not going to get into trouble for this one.

Let’s hit a home run
I’m desperate to look good. Even though the odds of a home run are slim, I’m banking on one because it’s the only thing that’ll save me.

Let’s run the numbers and see how they look
I know they look bad on first blush. But, the true use of Excel is to keep changing the formulas until you find a format that makes the numbers look good.

Let’s think out of the box
Really means coming up with creative ideas.

Let’s touch base next week
I don’t want to talk to you now, or you are on a short leash and you need to report back to me.

Make use of; translate into additional gains. This is an extremely common Consulting word. For example: "We need to leverage the core competencies we have in the mortgage lending business to our other product lines."

Low-hanging fruit
The things that can easily get done. For example This company should focus on the low-hanging fruit within the target market first, and worry later about acquiring the more difficult customers.