A collection of jargons and terminologies commonly used by consultants.

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Often prefaced with ‘client,’ indicates the interpersonal skills of an individual in relation to a particular group of people, as in, that manager sure has great client hands.

Hard stop
Used to indicate that after the time indicated, the listeners are on their own, because the person stating that they have a hard stop sure isn’t going to be around to help after then.

Similar to 5,000 mile view, but high-level can also mean a very rudimentary analysis (often lacking in detail).

Hit the Ground Running
The ability to add value in a project quickly, meaning getting up to speed on the important details and understanding and taking on next steps quickly. This is a valuable capability for any Consultant, especially junior ones.

Hope you’re doing well
A generally well-intended but insincere interpolation used at the beginning of most voicemails to replace the standard pleasantries that would be present in verbal communications". Use of this phrase does not indicate actual interest in the well-being of the recipient.

Happy to discuss – used at the end of informal memos, e-mails etc to make it clear that although the position you have stated may seem unreasonable, you’re not averse to discussing the point.