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Organizations initiate projects and programs to achieve their strategic business outcomes under the stewardship of Executive sponsors, who provide the overall governance and direction. Project and Program Managers often interact with executive stakeholders and project sponsors to solicit resources, provide status reports, and share risks and tradeoffs. Executives are extremely busy people, who expect succinct communication.

With its origins in the Management Consulting industry, the Pyramid Principle is a hypothesis-driven methodology for structured thinking and crisp communication. The top-down communication is a counter-intuitive approach that starts with the answer or solutions before detailing the supporting arguments. This approach works well in high stakes problem-solving contexts, such as Management Consulting and Project Management, where program and project managers need to ensure ongoing support from busy executives and project sponsors. During this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Top-down communication and executive interaction
  • Structuring your thinking using the Pyramid Principle
  • Ordering ideas using horizontal and vertical logic
  • Storytelling using the SCQA approach
  • Communication using the Rule of Three
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